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Mulung by parahita tries to build a bridge for all stakeholders. We created a waste collection application from home and are planning to build the first recycling plant for plastic waste in Bali. So that waste management has a sustainable circular economy and this will increase the awareness of the people to behave responsibly of their waste.

Founded in 2020, Through Mulung projects, Parahita encouraged scavengers to develop more through capital fund and assistance such as; standardize the sorting of recycled materials, management, and finance into MSMEs owned to create responsibilities and sustainable development. The focus is to redesign the old broken Waste Management system into Baliā€™s Green Circular Economy (Ecosystem base on community).

Previously, we started from the community, namely the Parahita Community which was founded in 2018. We are engaged in the social sector, providing assistance to disabled people. We held many training activities and provide opportunities to enter the world of work. We instill that they can also live independently, work and live like everyone else.

What is Mulung's program?

Free Pick Up

Mulung is ready to pick up your waste, both organic and non-organic.

95% Recycling

90% of the waste that we collected will be recycled to enforce Zero Waste to Landfill program.

Education & Community

Hand in hand with communities, Mulung educates people how to manage and value their waste.

  • Mullenial Smartcard

    Together with BNI, Mulung launched Smartcard to facilitate Mulung user to redeem their waste points.

  • Mullenial Smartcard

    Bersama BNI, Mulung memberikan Smartcard Payment bagi pengguna mulung untuk menukarkan poin yang didapatkan dari sampah.

  • Waste Collection

    Mulung commuter car was officially collecting waste in Gianyar area digitally with Mulung Apps.

  • Penjemputan Sampah

    Mobil Penjemputan Sampah Mulung resmi menjemput sampah melalui aplikasi di wilayah Gianyar dan sekitarnya.

  • Digital Mapping Waste Population

    Mulung was appointed to socialize on how to manage waste from household and collect waste data in 68 villages in Gianyar area.

  • Pemetaan Digital Populasi Sampah

    Mulung ditunjuk untuk mensosialisasikan pengelolaan sampah dari rumah dan pendataan sampah rumah tangga di 68 dusun di Kabupaten Gianyar.

  • MURI Awards

    The Last Hope campaign was awarded by Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI) as “The Longest Marathon for Environment” with record number 10118R.MURI/IX/2021.

  • Rekor MURI

    Gerakan “The Last Hope” Stop Wariskan Sampah adalah bukti keseriusan Mulung dalam kegiatan lingkungan di Bali dengan memecahkan rekor MURI dengan nomor 10118R.MURI/IX/2021.

  • The Last Hope Campaign

    466 kms Marathon around Bali in 13 days was initiated to to start a concrete step to solve waste problem. See the result…

  • Gerakan The Last Hope

    Marathon 466 kilometer mengelilingi Bali selama 13 Hari untuk Lingkungan.

  • Supports From Government of Bali

    Mulung approached head of local authorities to take action together in tackling waste issue in Bali.

Collecting Waste

Dispose your trash in one click and picked up by Mulung's collector in your schedule. So Easy, Right?

Drop Point

Take a walk and drop your waste to your nearest drop point in your area.

Point Reward

Get points for managing your waste with Mulung, collect and exchange your points as rewards.

Sort Waste

Sorting waste could be tricky, Mulung will share you tips to make sorting easier.

Follow your waste journey šŸ™‚

Take a part as #PejuangSampah MULUNG


Manage your waste responsibly with Mulung application, sorting your waste can definitely be rewarded!


As a collector, you will be equipped with an effective system for more efficient results than traditional collectors.

Brand Partner

Easier control to recycle packaging from your brand and business with the system and platform provided by Mulung.

Special Event

Collaborate your event with Mulung who is ready to help ensure the waste management during the event.

I really appreciate Mulung Parahita's efforts in Bali's recovery and have initiated a digital platform for cloud-based waste management to educate the public that waste is no longer a burden but instead provides benefits.

Dr. H. Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, B.B.A., M.B.A.Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy

We really welcome and support Mulung as a form of consistent commitment to protecting the environment and fighting plastic waste. Let's collaborate to complement each other in waste management efforts.

I Nyoman SuwirtaKlungkung Regent

We are very supportive of Mulung Parahita effort because it is an education for the public about the dangers of plastic waste.

AKBP I Made Bayu Sutha SartanaChief Police of Gianyar

This effort is part of cleaning up garbage in the area, the community wants real action where this activity must give a sense of cleanliness to the community. This garbage cleaning activity is very beneficial for the community.

I Wayan Artha DipaDeputy Regent of Karangasem
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