69% of waste in Indonesia has not been managed properly. Mountain of waste in TPA arised throughout the country. Meanwhile, MULUNG’s team met with Mr. Made and Mr. Soleh who examined each bin in Denpasar city housing area every day to collect waste in order to get 300 thousand rupiah every month. Millions of scavengers similar to Pak Made and Pak Soleh are spread throughout the country in the process of garbage collection so that it can be recycled again. They work and operate in a less structured informal networks. Most of them live in difficult conditions with a limited access to have a proper life condition and health security. We realize that scavengers are the vein to waste management in Indonesia. Parahita Mulung seeks to be a solution to Indonesian waste problems.

Our Solution

What is Mulung's program?

Free Pick Up

Mulung is ready to pick up your waste, both organic and non-organic.

95% Recycling

95% of the waste that we collected will be recycled to enforce Zero Waste to Landfill program.

Education & Community

Hand in hand with communities, Mulung educates people how to manage and value their waste.

Collecting Waste

Dispose your trash in one click and picked up by Mulung's collector in your schedule. So Easy, Right?

Drop Point

Take a walk and drop your waste to your nearest drop point in your area.

Point Reward

Get points for managing your waste with Mulung, collect and exchange your points as rewards.

Sort Waste

Sorting waste could be tricky, Mulung will share you tips to make sorting easier.

Follow your waste journey to be upcycled 🙂

Take a part as #PejuangSampah MULUNG


Manage your waste responsibly with Mulung application, sorting your waste can definitely be rewarded!


As a collector, you will be equipped with an effective system for more efficient results than traditional collectors.

Brand Partner

Easier control to recycle packaging from your brand and business with the system and platform provided by Mulung.

Special Event

Collaborate your event with Mulung who is ready to help ensure the waste management during the event.

List of Mulung Partners

You can exchange non-organic waste into rupiah at a very profitable price, so it's even more motivating to sort waste from home.

Aviola SitaNewHope Founder

" Love the environment is about action and inspire around. Not just discussion for existence. Mulung community proves, that action is more meaning to weigh the speech."

Dina MoehasCoordinator IIWC of PKBI

Verry AjiAtmosphere Founder

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