A Recovery Toward Sustainability

24% of waste in Indonesia are abandoned in nature, 69% compiled in the landfill (final disposal site) in each city without any effective solutions and only 7% of waste in Indonesia is managed.

Together with other environmental activists, Parahita through Mulung program participated in taking a role in waste management for a better environment.

This Mulung program aims to educate people to be more aware of the value of their waste and invite more people to care more in reducing and recycling waste. Mulung provides a digital platform in a cloud-based apps to make it easier for people and related parties in contributing to Mulung programs. An easy way to make your waste at home to be a blessing!


  • Raise awareness of the plastic pollution along the Bali – Jakarta marathon route
  • Educate people how to manage their waste and the value of the waste
  • Change habit/Lifestyle shifting: consumer behavior change in waste management for a better environment
  • Create a trend for young people to care for the environment
  • Pursue partnership commitment of recovery series: Central Government, Brands, Local Society


  • Waste managing tools and facility
  • Fund
  • In-kind

Monitoring and Evaluation

Creating a real-time dashboard to provide information for the related stakeholders to monitor and evaluate as expected result.


Account Name            :                                          Parahita Padma Negara (Yayasan)
Bank Name                  :                                          Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)
Account Number        : 0248-01-009394-56-7
City                                : Gianyar
Beneficiary Category : Business
Swift Code                   : BRINIDJA
Branch                         : Gianyar Branch
Head Branch              : Head Office BRI Jakarta

Please note #TRTTriathlon in the transfer description if you want to join The Rising Tide as a Runner/Cyclist.