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Together become a strength for kindness. Turn your waste into a blessing with mulung.

No need to worry where to dispose your waste, the Parahita Mulung team is ready to pick up your organic and non-organic waste. By managing your waste with Mulung, you’ll get points that can be exchanged for vouchers, cash, or cool merchandise. In addition, you are also supporting the Zero waste to Landfill program. Don’t forget to sort your waste before we pick it up. And, it’s free!

To reduce the rate of waste going to landfill, Mulung has recycling programs for all the waste we receive. Mulung targets 95% of waste can be recycled with 5% residue. The waste will be recycled into new products that have more value (Upcycle).

Individuals awareness in waste management is an important point for the problem of environmental pollution that occurs due to waste. Mulung invites the community to take part in waste management. We regularly conducts educational programs and events to reach out to the wider community and people. We believe, together we will be a strength for kindness.


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Make Small Change For Better Future as #PejuangSampah or #MULUNGWarrior


Manage your waste responsibly with Mulung app, sort your waste and get rewards!


As a collector you will be equipped with an effective system for more efficient results than traditional collectors.

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Easier control for recycling from your brand and business packaging with the systems and platforms provided by Mulung.

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Collaborate on your event with #PejuangSampah Mulung who is ready to help to ensure your waste management during the event.

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