Starting from a sense of wanting to share with others, Parahita was formed. 6 people who wanted a change, they created and built a company and community based on sharing and development.

In Sanskrit, Parahita means “For the benefit of the common man”. Parahita believes that every human is equal and has the right and opportunities to grow in self-actualization and economic value. By committing to their values, Parahita became more than a company. Parahita began to be a community and a home for people who wanted changes in their lives, who wanted to grow fully into their potential.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has a major impact on life in Bali. The Bali economy depended on the tourism sector, most businesses in Bali such as hotels and restaurants forced to close their businessess and people started losing their jobs.

Parahita took the initiative to create a new jobs opportunities by creating Sustainable Business Projects, namely: Mulung by Parahita.

Creating a circular ecosystem based on community to drive a sustainable an innovative way to manage waste for better environments and lives.


24% of waste in Indonesia are abandoned in nature, 69% compiled in the landfill (final disposal site) in each city without any effective solutions and only 7% of waste in Indonesia is managed.

Together with other environmental activists, Parahita through Mulung program participated in taking a role in waste management for a better environment.

This Mulung program aims to educate people to be more aware of the value of their waste and invite more people to care more in reducing and recycling waste. Mulung provides a digital platform in a cloud-based apps to make it easier for people and related parties in contributing to Mulung programs. An easy way to make your waste at home to be a blessing!

Team up with scavengers throughout Indonesia, Parahita Mulung built a recycling unit employed and carried out by scavengers and their families. The aim is to increase the rate of waste collection through efficient networks, thus maximizing their income, while providing health services, and a safe work environment for them.

Through Mulung projects, Parahita encouraged scavengers to develop more through capital fund and assistance such as; standardize the sorting of recycled materials, management, and finance into MSMEs owned to create responsibilities and sustainable development. The focus is to redesign the old broken Waste Management system into Bali’s Green Circular Economy (Ecosystem base on community).

Mulung developed technology-based platform and systems for stakeholders in waste management, from households/individuals, scavengers/collectors, waste banks, collectors, sorters, to recycling center and goods manufactures.


To be a place where evolution and growth occurs, where happiness is found and shared, and where sustainable life and community are built without disrespecting nature and human.


  • Manage 450,000 tons of plastic waste per year in eastern Indonesia.
  • Stimulate 17,000 micro businesses in eastern Indonesia.
  • Empower 1,000,000 women.
  • Improve social and economic status of marginal society.
  • Reduce 600,000 footprint carbon

Meet MULUNG's Counselor

Anak Agung Ngurah Kakarsana

“During this pandemic, Bali’s tourism has decreased drastically, the enthusiasm of the residents has dropped. I, as Panglingsir Puri Ageng Blahbatuh, would like to share a little hope with the residents of Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency and of course more broadly all Balinese by participating in initiating the “Bali Green Circular Economy” movement and at the same time as the honorary consultant of MULUNG by Parahita which is engaged in the circular economy through waste management. MULUNG takes advantage of the potential that exists in Bali, which is plastic waste that has accumulated, even increased during the pandemic. With this, it will not only improve the people’s economy, it is also good for nature and the environment as the embodiment of Tri Hita Karana. People will be excited again to work, new hope will grow.” (Panglingsir Puri Ageng Blahbatuh, Anak Agung Ngurah Kakarsana)

Puri Ageng Blahbatuh is one of the biggest and oldest castles in Gianyar. The beauty and splendor of Puri Ageng Blahbatuh is an attraction for foreign and domestic tourists. The history of Puri Ageng Blahbatuh is mostly written in the Lontar which is sacred by the Balinese. Now the ruler of Puri Ageng Blahbatuh is Anak Agung Alit Kakarsana of the Djelantik breed whose ancestor was a warlord figure from the Sri Kesari Warmadewa dynasty, the area of power of Puri Ageng Blahbatuh in ancient times reached the Batur Kintamani area. He is an active figure in the field of Cultural and Environmental Preservation. The practice of the Tri Hita Karana concept became a basis for him to realize a clean and advanced Bali but did not eliminate the cultural values that had been handed down by his ancestors. Puri Ageng Blahbatuh has often carried out and supported movements that are good for Nature and have a direct impact on the Balinese people, one of them is through MULUNG by Parahita which is
supported by The Royal Bali Foundation to address the plastic waste emergency issue facing Bali today.

Meet MULUNG's Team

#PejuangSampah Mulung



Yansyah is a family man with a wife and 2 daughter. At 25 years of age he has built up multiple businesses in multiple industries back in Jakarta. With a strong focus on business development and efficiency, He gathered extraordinary teams with strong vision to build future Parahita.

Gung Jezy

Project Leader

Agung Jezy, a balinese-born woman who has experienced studying and living in Germany for over 10 years. Her root and living background encourage her to make a change thats positively impact the environment and the people, starting from her home island Bali.

Gede Suastika

Sahabat Mulung

Deka, Accounting Management graduated who helps Parahita keeping track of their finances. He has high spirit of learning, he is not easy to give up, and very love of his family


Sahabat Mulung

Ade, the wife of Yansyah, experienced in office administration and human resource department, and also Parahita chef by passion. She never quits even when things get hard.

Fika Januarti

Tech Support

Fika, worked in Steel factory for 10 years now creating operational system in Parahita for their clients, employees and partners. She believes in her work and her success on emotional level.

Bagus Purwono

Tech Support

Bagus, a technology-savvy who is focused and driven in his field. He finds engineering tech as a challenging and satisfactory experience. The complexity of a system sparks his spirit.

Meet MULUNG's Ambassador

Sarah Wood

Global Ambassador

Sarah is a Speech Pathologist who works with children and adults with disabilities in Geelong, Australia. Sarah loves spending time in Bali, and shares our passion around reducing waste and working towards a more sustainable future.

Take the role as #PejuangSampah or "Mulung Warrior"


Manage trash you are responsibly with the Mulung application, sort your waste and can definitely be rewarded!


As your collector will be equipped with an effective system for more efficient results than traditional collectors.

Brand Partner

Control it easier to recycle packaging from your brand and business with the system and platform provided by Mulung.

Special Event

Collaborate your event with #PeJuangSampah Mulung who is ready to help ensure the management of your waste during the event.

We have worked with several businesses and brands in Bali

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"Sustainable nature is a reflection of human gratitude to God's gift. Thank you Mulung for inspiration and a close rug in taking care of this world. Small action for big changes."

Aviola SitaNewHope Founder

"Love the environment is about action and inspires around. Not just discussion for existence. The Mulung community proves that the action means to weigh the speech."

Gung AgnieContributor

"Environmental concerns indeed starting from themselves, and will be more meaningful if we can invite the public to care about the environment and the Mulung community is the answer to the complaining of the community's concern for the environment."

AbiprayaGlobally Founder