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A Grassroot Movement for Sustainability

Waste pollution is one of the causes of ecological destruction, without realizing it has become part of our civilization. Waste becomes a nightmare for the environment when it is not managed properly, ignorance to manage waste directly and indirectly sponsors the destruction of nature. On the other hand, with proper management, waste is a new material that has energy and economic potential.

With the same spirit and in conjunction with the G20 Presidency in Indonesia, as well as the Indonesian Navy’s Kampung Bahari Nusantara program, Puri Ageng Blahbatuh through the Mulung Parahita program collaborates with the Indonesian Navy to innovate to create an Environmental Management Ecosystem that moves coastal villages to work together to implement source-based waste management digitally and to accelerate circular economy.

The synergy between Mulung Parahita and the Indonesian Navy in carrying out Marine Spatial Management and Marine Environmental Protection through an Environmental Management Ecosystem that runs in line with the Navy’s Program, namely the National Mangrove Planting in unison, which is an effort to support the Climate Change and Global Weather Disaster Management Program.

On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, at the Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, national figures such as Inspector General (Ret.) Drs. Sidarto Danusubroto, S.H – Presidential Advisory Council, Admiral TNI DR. Suradi Agung Slamet, S.T, S.Sos, M.M – Head of the Naval Maritime Potential Service, Anak Agung Ngurah Kakarsana, S.E – Penglingsir Puri Ageng Blahbatuh, Firdaus Ali, M.Sc, PhD. – Environmental & Water Resources Expert, who has long cared and supported environmental sustainability through proper waste management. The four national figures, each of whom provided their views on this important issue and are committed to start a concrete action against the climate emergency in Indonesia.


As a first step, we begin our serious commitment with the 1,293 kms Solo Triathlon environmental campaign from Bali to Jakarta for 30 days as our 2nd Campaign named “The Rising Tide”. This campaign is expected to be part of the wave of change for environmental recovery in line with the commitments of the Global and the Government of Indonesia, in supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and solving environmental problems, as well as contributing to Climate Change and Global Weather Disaster Management and sustainable environmental improvement through Environmental Management Ecosystems.

“The Rising Tide” is an environmental movement focusing on pushing forward action partnerships of various parties in creating an ecosystem of sustainable waste management from the source. It will be followed through with a 1293 km Triathlon in 30 days from Bali to Jakarta to initiate a concrete step.

This campaign is going to be held hybridly that is on the ground and Virtual which will challenge and engage people globally. Mulung Parahita will collaborate with partners, influencers, Journalists, communities to make this campaign spread widely on social media to present our diverse and rich activities including discussions and workshops with local communities at every checkpoint. This activity will be covered by local mass media, both in print and electronically.

The Rising Tide Triathlon journey will be a game-changer for changing consumer behaviour to be responsible for their own waste, how to sort waste from home, and the facts about circular economy.

With this activity and good data collection after the event is held, it is hoped that all stakeholders can unite to commit to the recovery series. No longer running alone but together, simultaneously through a recovery journey for our environment.

Full Route

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Our Previous Campaign - The Last Hope

After the victory of its first campaign of the series, “The Last Hope”, which carried out by 466 Kms Marathon around Bali in 13 Days, Mulung Parahita has succeeded to advance environmental recovery through:

  1. Signing a partnership with the Regent of Gianyar includes:
  • Development of circular economy by building hardware and software facilities in the waste management ecosystem.
  • Formulating regional regulations (Regent’s Regulations) in electronic/digital waste management.
  • Creating job opportunities in Gianyar Regency.
  1. Support from local peoples through Paiketan Puri SeBali (the largest Royal Kingdom Union in Bali) through the commitment of the Panglingsir (Kings).
  2. Involve the participation of Generation Z (18-24) through collaborations with universities and communities as the volunteers of the campaign.
  3. Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI) awarded.

In this journey of “A Recovery Towards Sustainability” Trilogy, Mulung Parahita will fight through “The Rising Tide” as the sequel of the series in 2022. This next chapter will be focusing on pushing forward action partnerships of various parties in creating an ecosystem of sustainable waste management from the source.

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