“In Indonesia alone, there are thousands of similar coastal communities struggling to manage their own household waste, as well as vast quantities of plastic waste brought in on ocean currents,” Phelan on Ocean plastic crisis — Mental models of plastic pollution from remote Indonesian coastal communities.

Individuals, groups and the government are stepping up to end and mitigate the plastic waste crisis in Indonesia. Society plays a significant roles in this waste management and increasing awareness of the problem is a crucial step, thus we take action and initiate “The Rising Tide” as a campaign to pave the way for a recovery towards sustainability. These efforts will create a positive impact on livelihoods of the people in terms of social and economy.

The Rising Tide could not run without the assistance of volunteers. Volunteers are vital to the mission of increasing awareness and educating the public. We need individuals and groups to make this campaign run light-footedly. We make every effort to match each volunteer’s experience and interests to our needs.

Joining this volunteer program in environmental conservation, not only give back to this wonderful planet, but become connected with nature and learn about how you and others can minimize your carbon footprints. You can immediately become an ambassador for environmentalism. Volunteering in conservation is a grand learning experience and a move to help the world become a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable place.

Lend a helping hand to start these proactive steps for a brighter future of Indonesia.

Participate in this campaign as a content creator, photographers, documentation, video editor, props crew, contributor, or others according to your interest.

Great futures are built with helping hands together. Take your part in changing the world. Absolute steps to start today without ruining the future.

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